Atmosphere Aerosol South Australia available now!

Atmosphere Aerosol South Australia

First of all, how long will one can last?

One 8 ounce can will spray continuously for as much as 5 minutes 30 seconds, therefore in a controlled environment with no wind or air flow, one can will linger in the air for hours. Furthermore if you are using outdoors with a slight breeze, have another person spay the haze upwind, thus allowing the breeze to slowly carry the haze into your subject area. Buy Atmosphere Aerosol in South Australia.

Buy Atmosphere Aerosol in South Australia

How big is the can? Will it fit in my camera bag?

Yes, it will fit in to your camera bag. Atmosphere Aerosol has been carefully designed to be a portable, compact accessory for the photographer. It is almost similar in size to a regular can of hair spray, hence it is smaller than a 70-200mm lens. Therefore due to it’s compact size, you can easily take it on location and capture amazing results. It ways no more than 400gm’s when full and packs easily into your camera bag. A portable cheap solution to capture priceless effects in your images.

Atmosphere Aerosol South Australia

Will it set off smoke alarms?

Most noteworthy it will not set off a smoke alarm unless it is sprayed directly on a smoke alarm or it is highly concentrated near one. It has been tested in studio and home environments. One especially relevant note *If you do spray it in a highly concentrated manner you probably won’t achieve the effect you were after. Therefore, in conclusion less is more. Remember the camera sees more than the human eye. A photo is a story that words cannot describe!

Atmosphere Aerosol South Australia

Finally is Atmosphere Aerosol safe to breathe?

Yes Atmosphere Aerosol spray is safe to breathe while working with it. Most noteworthy it is non-toxic and breathing small amounts of this material during normal handling is not likely to cause harmful effects. As with any aerosol spray never aim sprayer directly toward your face, and especially relevant if ingested, seek medical attention.